Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Download Free

2 years ago
Dragonball Xenoverse 2 PC Game Download

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PC Game download full version ISO highly compressed with direct download links, Download Dragon Ball Xenoverse PC Game for free setup for android APK. Download Dragon Ball Z series watch free.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review:

At last the never ending wait is over now, players can grab their copy of Dragon Ball Xenoverse PC Game Download Free copy from the online digital stores. Players can play this mesmerizing fighting game which’s story is based on the TV serial of Dragon Ball Z. Mainly, players in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PC Game Download, will have to follow up the storyline of the main serial and achieve or complete objectives based on the TV serial. The game is quite similar to its predecessors in terms or ways of gameplay and ingame environment. There is also a new and deadly protagonist included in Dragon Ball Xenoverse PC Game Download, whose name is the Soul-taker Akira, Akira is a very lethal villain or antagonist and posses ancient dragon powers, so powerful that can destroy cities in just seconds.

Players will be playing as Goku as their main protagonist and will have the traditional abilities such as flying, fighting, super sains and much more. In a nut shell, i would like to concluded that Dragon Ball Xenoverse PC Game Download is yet another, every savvy game’s must once play this amazing Dragon Ball game.

NOTE: This game includes the below DLCs

– DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – Future Trunks (Super)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PC Game Download Features:

  • Special Giant Dragon Characters
  • Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue Modes
  • New Antagonist Named Akira
  • Played on PC, PS3, PS4 And Xbox
  • Smooth Performance

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64bit versions only)
2 :: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD or better
3 :: Ram :: 2 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 11
5 :: Graphics:: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680/AMD Radeon HD 7970
6 :: Space Storage:: 11.2 GB space

Update V1.09.01 (Optional)




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  • i can’t download this game, why ? please fix this…

    Andreas Charles December 23, 2016 12:32 PM Reply
    • Dear the Links are completely fine, Just click on the download button, then wait for a few seconds, then click on Click Here To Proceed and then wait, your download will start.
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan December 23, 2016 6:15 PM Reply

        USMAN June 19, 2018 5:32 PM Reply
        • No unfortunately it needs 4 GB at least.

          Skring June 20, 2018 4:54 AM Reply
    • Good game

      jerico January 26, 2017 6:59 PM Reply
    • Good game is very nice

      jerico January 26, 2017 7:00 PM Reply
    • can i play it on my laptop core 15 7th g 500gb hdd 4gb ram

      mickey December 24, 2017 9:19 PM Reply
      • Yes you can Mickey, but make sure you have the required System requirements.

        Skring December 25, 2017 4:43 PM Reply
  • is this mupltiplayer ?

    saad December 25, 2016 4:17 AM Reply
    • Saad you cant play free games on official servers, yet you may be able to play it on dedicated servers
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan December 25, 2016 1:12 PM Reply
  • this is not opening it is coming error

    sarvesh December 27, 2016 12:10 PM Reply
    • The game is completely fine, please watch the above video on how to install the game, you will face no errors.
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan December 27, 2016 4:57 PM Reply
  • love this game.. no error smooth game.. i’am using intel i3 4th gen with 2gb 750ti geforce video card and 16gb ram..
    thank dude..

    subeshi December 28, 2016 5:21 AM Reply
    • Its great pleasure to serve you. Please share our website with your friends.
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan December 28, 2016 6:29 PM Reply
  • (0xc000007b) how to fix this error plz tell me 🙂 :-[:-(

    sohel January 5, 2017 12:23 AM Reply
    • When you dont follow the above video, and install the game your way. You will face errors. We have made the videos for you. Please watch the above video and do not skip anything. This error will be fixed. But if still this error persists. Please let me know i will surely fix it for you.
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan.

      Alisha Khan January 5, 2017 12:45 AM Reply
      • I have followed the same steps as suggested in the video.
        1.) disabled antivirus and windows defender
        2.) Downloaded the files thru IDM
        3.) Installed directX11 and other redistributable files.
        4.) Used PowerISO to mount, extract and install

        I m getting 0xc000007b error. Please help me in this regard.

        Thanks in advance.

        Karthik August 28, 2017 8:08 PM Reply
  • help me? Error “ISDone.dll”
    this is an error image

    viethoang2986 January 8, 2017 4:11 PM Reply
    • Please send message to our Facebook, i am sending you the Dll files there.
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan January 8, 2017 6:28 PM Reply
  • Help me ? Error messega “isdone.dll this is error image

    jerico January 26, 2017 7:03 PM Reply
    • Please watch the above installation video. it will be fixed

      Alisha Khan January 26, 2017 7:10 PM Reply
  • Alisha Khan I like the way you replied to the comments.good game.thanxs

    gowtham February 8, 2017 11:24 AM Reply
  • nice

    zy February 12, 2017 9:54 AM Reply
    • Enjoy the game zy 😀 🙂
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan February 12, 2017 3:23 PM Reply
  • Is this codex

    Merric February 20, 2017 6:28 PM Reply
  • thanks for this great website,

    AtiurRahman February 21, 2017 3:25 PM Reply
    • Enjoy the games Rahman. Please share our website with your friends so that it grows more. 😀 🙂

      Alisha Khan February 21, 2017 5:52 PM Reply
  • i like admin’s hardworking and i wanna be frnd with you

    abhi February 22, 2017 10:49 PM Reply
  • Can I play it Intel HD 4000 and i3 processor

    Soham February 23, 2017 1:23 PM Reply
    • Soham you need graphics card, you cant run this game in Intel HD 4000 😀 🙂
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan February 23, 2017 4:00 PM Reply
  • can i play this on windows 7 32bit??

    paul March 6, 2017 11:50 AM Reply
    • Paul, its only 64 bit game., So you will need a 64 Bit OS

      Alisha Khan March 6, 2017 9:02 PM Reply
  • This game is superb.

    Ekjot Singh March 8, 2017 12:28 PM Reply
    • Enjoy the game Ekjot, if there is something we can do for you. Let us know.

      Alisha Khan March 8, 2017 7:07 PM Reply
  • can i run it on my laptop?
    2gb ram

    PCGAMER March 9, 2017 12:36 PM Reply
    • PCGAMER no you cant, you need graphics card, you cant run this game in Intel HD Graphics.
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan March 9, 2017 3:42 PM Reply
  • After a wait of 3 days finaly got the game

    rushil March 11, 2017 9:53 AM Reply
  • mega link please

    ShadowBrand March 12, 2017 3:34 PM Reply
    • We have already added Direct and Torrent downloads, i think thats more than enough.

      Alisha Khan March 12, 2017 7:21 PM Reply
  • You are awsome this game is great

    chief ghosty March 12, 2017 11:57 PM Reply
    • Thank you very much Chief, for appreciating our work. Enjoy your game
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan March 13, 2017 3:10 AM Reply
  • There also require Code with install ?

    king brij March 13, 2017 8:33 AM Reply
    • What code? it requires nothing to install. just make sure to watch the above installation guide

      Alisha Khan March 13, 2017 11:48 AM Reply
  • Game

    Saif Butt March 13, 2017 9:34 AM Reply
  • I have a problem every time i lunch the game its open in black screen and i cant fix it i already tried to reinstall the 3 times but its still doesnt work can you help me?

    Denymiller March 20, 2017 11:48 PM Reply
    • From where did you download the game?

      Alisha Khan March 22, 2017 12:51 AM Reply
  • can we add mods and dlc pack in this ?

    Rajat April 2, 2017 6:54 PM Reply
    • Yes Rajat you may add any desired mod or DLC in this game.

      Alisha Khan April 2, 2017 8:19 PM Reply
  • Can i run it on fx6300 and gtx1050 to 4gbddr5 and 8gb ram

    Rahul April 13, 2017 11:38 AM Reply
    • Yes Rahul, you can run the game, those are pretty good specifications.
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan April 14, 2017 12:19 AM Reply
  • Can I play this game in 3GHZ Intel duo core processor 4 GB RAM amd graphic card of 1GB

    sonu April 17, 2017 9:18 PM Reply
    • Yes Sonu you can play the game, but if you tell me what is your Graphics Card mode, i would be able to assist you in dept weather you can properly run the game or not.
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan April 17, 2017 9:30 PM Reply
  • You guys are awesome, seriously . ive downloaded 7 to 8 games from this site and everything works like a charm…thank you Admin

    Ramji April 21, 2017 10:21 AM Reply
    • Ramji, thank you very much for visiting us, these comments means a whole world to us. Enjoy the game.
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan 🙂

      Alisha Khan April 23, 2017 7:27 PM Reply
  • i can download games from this website on my mobile phone also
    yes ? or no ?

    chahat April 23, 2017 1:40 PM Reply
    • Yes Chahat, you can download games both on mobile and PC.
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan April 23, 2017 5:08 PM Reply
  • can i play multiplayer with my friends on same pc?

    mahima May 22, 2017 1:15 PM Reply
    • No sir, this is only singleple player game.
      Love and Regards, Alisha Khan

      Alisha Khan May 22, 2017 1:48 PM Reply
  • hello help me to download it and how to burn iso file because i m a big dbz lover help me please

    haseeb May 22, 2017 10:03 PM Reply
    • Sir everything is explained in the above installation video, Simply watch that and you will understand everything.

      Alisha Khan May 22, 2017 10:37 PM Reply
  • can i install mods

    im sad May 23, 2017 3:34 AM Reply
  • how can i play this game in android phone? please describe…

    Jaydeep May 26, 2017 11:54 AM Reply
  • howmany GB graphic recquired for this game? i have 2 gb graphic is it enough?

    jaydeep May 27, 2017 1:17 PM Reply
  • Can i play online with other player ??

    affiat May 27, 2017 4:12 PM Reply
    • Affait, this is only single player game, so i am afraid you cant play the game online.

      Alisha Khan May 27, 2017 8:09 PM Reply
  • is it safe and work in win 8 32 bit

    yogesh May 30, 2017 5:27 PM Reply
    • It will only work in 64 bit operating system.

      Alisha Khan May 31, 2017 12:44 AM Reply
  • The windows defender needs to be disabled before the installation of the files does the files have any kind of malware if no then why windows defender is turned off

    Harsh May 31, 2017 8:03 AM Reply
    • Harsh, before installing any game or software its important to turn off your antivirus, Because they detect the crack files as viruses, As simple as that.

      Alisha Khan May 31, 2017 11:57 AM Reply
  • how to download these game with idm

    yash June 1, 2017 7:19 PM Reply
    • Simply let the download begin in browser, then click on show all downloads in Chrome, and then copy the link of the download and paste it in IDM> Your download will start in IDM 😀 🙂

      Alisha Khan June 1, 2017 10:56 PM Reply
  • can i download it for free?

    Abhishek June 6, 2017 8:28 AM Reply
    • Yes everything here is for free.

      Skring June 6, 2017 4:51 PM Reply
  • this game is multiplayer

    gargi June 8, 2017 11:24 AM Reply
    • No its only Singleplayer.

      Skring June 8, 2017 5:38 PM Reply
  • Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 compatible for 4GB RAM PC??

    Raiyan Neel June 9, 2017 2:04 PM Reply
    • Yes Raiyan it is compatible.

      Skring June 9, 2017 10:59 PM Reply
  • how much space will it take????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    GoyBoy June 10, 2017 12:57 PM Reply
  • wheres the download button

    muaz June 13, 2017 6:41 PM Reply
    • The green download button above.

      Skring June 13, 2017 10:55 PM Reply
  • how much time does the game need for downloading

    muaz June 14, 2017 5:41 PM Reply
    • Muaz, that depends on your internet connection, we provide maximum speeds. You can use Internet Download Manager for maximum speed.

      Skring June 15, 2017 6:46 AM Reply
  • bro how can I download it from idm plz tell me and when I start downloading it and then I shut my laptop and when I open my laptop he says that an error accord so I cant open my laptop for 12 hours plz help me.

    muaz June 15, 2017 10:39 PM Reply
    • Its very simple Muaz, first let the download being in your browser (Chrome) and when the download starts in chrome click on show all downloads, and then right click on the downloading file in chrome and copy the link, then go to IDM and click on add URL and click okay. Your download shall start in IDM.

      Skring June 16, 2017 7:12 AM Reply
  • bro i finally downloaded it but there is another problem when i open setup it says that isdone.dll not found and when i go to windows defender to turn off the real time protection it is disable to turn off it. it does not turning on or off. what should i do plz help me. i want to play this game i am a fan of dragon ball z and dragon ball super. plzzz help me bro.

    muaz June 18, 2017 12:32 AM Reply
  • how much MB does it require and how much time it takes.
    and if it takes 2-3 days it is not possible i could download it.

    Aman June 18, 2017 5:00 PM Reply
  • Why ISO. 🙁

    SadUser June 27, 2017 5:49 PM Reply
    • Saad, ISO is safer, do you have any issue downloading the ISO?

      Skring June 28, 2017 1:30 AM Reply
  • I installed the game but the setup-1.bin is not opening and when I’m opening it with Power ISO then it is showing that “This file format is invalid or unsupported”. Help me out with this problem.

    Flynn June 28, 2017 9:51 AM Reply
    • You cant open that Flyyn, you need to mount the original ISo and there run setup.exe

      Skring June 28, 2017 1:24 PM Reply
  • Amazing servers you got here. They are so fast! 11 GB for 1 hour. WOW

    Galahad15 July 2, 2017 9:24 AM Reply
    • Enjoy the game 😀

      Skring July 2, 2017 1:24 PM Reply
  • I am receiving XINPUT1_3.ddl error, D3DCOMPILER_43 Error and D3DCOMPILER_43.dll missing error.
    Please help

    Ahmed July 4, 2017 2:30 AM Reply
  • Does this come with the dlc like the tournament arc and goku black arc with his rose form and zamasu along with Merged zamasu?

    Gio July 4, 2017 10:37 AM Reply
    • No Gio, we havent added the DLCs yet.

      Skring July 5, 2017 9:59 AM Reply
  • Can I run the game with AMD radeon HD 5500 series resolution 1920×1080 total memory 2804 Image memory 1012 MB Shared memory 1792 MB PC RAM: 4GB Internal DAC 400MHz PLS reply

    Volkan68 July 6, 2017 1:08 AM Reply
    • Yes Volkan, you can play the game on those specs.

      Skring July 6, 2017 2:26 PM Reply
  • can i run this game on my 64 bit pc
    or i need a external graphic card

    nikhil July 10, 2017 11:45 AM Reply
    • Nikhil, you will surely need graphics card to play the game.

      Skring July 14, 2017 5:12 PM Reply
  • I have 8GB ram
    64 bit win 10
    3.0 GHz processor
    And AMD radeon 250GB GPU
    Can I run this game please answer me

    Maaz July 10, 2017 7:30 PM Reply
    • You can, but make sure you have a good graphics card.

      Skring July 14, 2017 5:07 PM Reply
  • I have 8GB ram
    64 bit win 10
    3.5 GHz processor
    And AMD fx 6300 six core processor
    Can I run this game please answer me

    Maaz July 10, 2017 7:44 PM Reply
    • Yes Maaz, you can play the game. But what is your graphics card?

      Skring July 14, 2017 5:07 PM Reply
  • Its aGood game.
    Ilike it very much

    Hamid Sheikh July 12, 2017 6:57 PM Reply
    • Enjoy the game Hamid.

      Skring July 12, 2017 8:25 PM Reply
  • is this for windows 8.1?

    dj August 30, 2017 10:48 AM Reply
    • Yes DJ, this works fine in Windows 8.1

      Skring August 30, 2017 3:10 PM Reply
  • well can i run it on my laptop with
    i5 processor ‘2 gb amd radeon graphic car and 8 gb ram

    Devansh Singh October 1, 2017 5:24 PM Reply
  • is it really 11.2 gb in downloading from torrent?

    Devansh Singh October 1, 2017 5:27 PM Reply
  • well i downloaded dragon ball xenoverse 2 and installed it but when i opened it it said that 4 dll files are missing what should i do

    Warhead October 2, 2017 11:15 AM Reply
    • Download those dll files and put them in your Windows System32 folder.

      Skring October 2, 2017 1:58 PM Reply
  • how do u put a saved file into this game

    Justin November 6, 2017 3:53 PM Reply
  • Hello sir my request is , tekken tag turnament 2 . Plz

    akhil December 20, 2017 8:51 PM Reply
    • Akhil, unfortunately we can not upload this game, as it is not released for PC.

      Skring December 23, 2017 1:48 AM Reply
  • do we need cd for this game

    harry steve December 26, 2017 5:18 PM Reply
    • No Harry, you do not need any CD.

      Skring December 27, 2017 3:21 PM Reply
  • hello i have a problem . error MSVCP140.dll was not found

    george January 11, 2018 2:35 AM Reply
  • I installed the game but after starting the applicaton it say ” The program can’t start because XINPUT1_3.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem” please help me out with this.

    Romeaulaz Taylor March 2, 2018 9:04 AM Reply
    • This is a very common error, please download XINPUT1_3.dll and paste it in your System32 folder of Windows and also in the folder where you installed the game.

      Skring March 2, 2018 6:57 PM Reply
  • What version of the game actually, is it?
    Does it contains Tornament of power characters and transformations(such as ultra instinct)?

    Shadow March 10, 2018 6:22 AM Reply
    • Bi Shadow it does not contains those DLCs, but we will update the game today to v1.09

      Skring March 10, 2018 12:03 PM Reply
  • How to download and add dlc packs to the game?

    Shadow March 15, 2018 2:02 PM Reply
    • Hi, we have updated the game now you will have to redownload the game to get all the DLCs, and we have also stated above which DLCs are included.

      Skring March 16, 2018 11:57 AM Reply
  • So this new update will overwrite my previous data isn’t it? Need to play from the very start again? Or you have a way to transfer my saved data to this new update?

    Rasyid March 24, 2018 3:43 PM Reply
    • Yes i am afraid so.

      Skring March 24, 2018 6:04 PM Reply
      • Can’t we just add dlcs to the game somehow?

        Yash March 25, 2018 7:53 PM Reply
        • I am afraid you cant, because the DLCs are included in the setup if they were available separately then you could, but why dont you save your game save files.

          Skring March 26, 2018 5:05 AM Reply
  • where to take those dlc files in directory?

    AnmKher April 2, 2018 10:43 PM Reply
    • or there we need to install them and if that so then how?

      AnmKher April 2, 2018 10:45 PM Reply
    • Sorry i did not understand your question

      Skring April 3, 2018 1:13 AM Reply
      • All dlcs are preinstalled or we have to install them?

        AnmKher April 3, 2018 3:01 PM Reply
        • All DLCs are preinstalled.

          Skring April 3, 2018 8:24 PM Reply
  • Plsss Help me Download the game Alisha khan Plsss Help me Iam a boy and iam 10yrs.old plsss Help me to play this game

    Ace May 1, 2018 10:48 AM Reply
    • It is quite easy to download the game, simply watch this video here on how to download https://worldofpcgames.com/game-errors-fix/

      Skring May 1, 2018 8:04 PM Reply
      • Alisha Khan you said this was the full version so does it have multiplayer

        Leart May 19, 2018 12:54 PM Reply
        • No, free games dose not have any multiplayer mode.

          Skring May 19, 2018 8:31 PM Reply
  • which version of the game is it… is it 1.091 or 1.09

    Steven May 21, 2018 12:25 AM Reply
    • Steven this is v1.09 but we have no added the v1.09.01 update too, please check above.

      Skring May 21, 2018 12:16 PM Reply
  • Please Tell Me How To Download Update Seperately?

    T.Khan June 30, 2018 11:26 PM Reply
    • We have given link to the updated separately above, you can download it.

      Skring July 1, 2018 10:19 PM Reply
  • Will it work with ipad

    Gogi July 20, 2018 9:48 PM Reply
    • No Gogi, this is a PC version of the game, you can request games for Ipad on our request page.

      Skring July 21, 2018 1:24 AM Reply
  • can you please help me sir its say when i open it Youll need a new app to open this steam i cant play dbxv2 please help me thanks sir <3

    Noel Lopez July 23, 2018 1:59 PM Reply
    • That is because you haven’t cracked the game. Please copy files form Codex folder and paste them in the installed game folder.

      Skring July 23, 2018 9:16 PM Reply

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