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8 months ago
Jerking Off In Class Simulator Free Download By Worldofpcgames

Jerking Off In Class Simulator Free Download PC game in a pre-installed direct link with updates and DLCs for mac os x dmg multiplayer android apk.

Overview Jerking Off In Class Simulator:

Jerk off in class & don’t get caught! Jerking Off In Class Simulator is inspired by that one person that would always jerk off in the back of the classroom. Do you have what it takes to be that pervert? Jerking Off In Class simulator is a perverted game where your objective is to masturbate in the middle of class while not getting caught by your peers or teacher. Your goal is to jerk off while no one is paying any attention to you.

No one in this world knows how to play your skin flute like you do so how about you take this time to give yourself a little reward. Besides, if no one spots you, is there really any harm. You’ll need to avoid taking damage from enemies, lasers, and projectiles, all while trying to save the humans and discover secrets. Using dash gives you iframes making you invulnerable for a brief period. The iframes are an excellent lifesaver. The ability does have a short cooldown though, so using them properly will make a difference between life or death.

Taking any damage causes you to lose a life, as well as drop one of your upgrades where you died. You can retrieve the upgrade as long as you don’t die again before picking it up. Lives are finite though, and if you run out of lives, you’ll be asked if you want to continue the game. Depending on which difficulty you play on, you will only be granted a certain number of continues before you lose the game and need to restart completely I’ve played nearly 7 hours so far. I completed the game on rookie difficulty, and made it up to the final boss on normal difficulty before running out of continues. There is a lot of replay value, and fans of the genre will likely get a lot of enjoyment out of it. There is also a local co-op mode, but I haven’t gotten a chance to experience it yet.

Jerking Off In Class Simulator Free Download:

  1. 31 Levels
  2. 5 Playable characters
  3. 3 Objectives for each level

1 :: Operating System :: Windows XP/7/8/8./10.
2 :: Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
3 :: Ram :: 4 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 9.0
5 :: Graphics:: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities
6 :: Space Storage:: 2 GB space

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1 :: Download Game
2 :: Extract Game
3 :: Launch The Game
4 :: Have Fun 🙂

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