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6 years ago
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Nier Automata Free download repack direct links highly compressed crohasit free with all DLCs multiplayer reloaded GOTY editproton for Xbox and PlayStation.

About Nier Automata Pc Game Download Free:

Nier Automata free download is the action role playing video game. Nier Automata download free with single direct link was developed by Platinum Games. Humanity has been driven from the world by mechanical beings from another world.  The human resistance has sent the force of android soldiers to destroy the invaders and to take back their planet. Resistance has deployed the new unit of android infantry called Yorha. A base is on the moon where the Yorha headquarters are located. It is where the troops originates and integrates and where the relief supplies for the troops has come from. Now Try The Latest Actproton Games For Free. Nier Automata Free Download. Now get more full unlocked steam games with World of pc

In a open world action RPG, the war with machines take place on a seamless world. Anyone will be able to accomplish fast and stylish combos using light attacks and heavy attacks. Players will also be able to run and evade enemy attacks by pressing the R2 Button. Some areas also includes the platforming environment requiring the players to navigate via jumping. Shops available in hub location will allow the player to purchase items. Players will fight the enemies in a real time. The light attacks are fast but weak. The heavy attacks are slow but strong. Nier Automata Free Download.

Nier Automata In A Nutshell:

The players can accomplish both against their enemy. The player is also assisted by a flying robot assistant. It launches the attacks varying from the simple gun fire to a heavy hitting hammer attacks. The players can access four different types of weapons in the battle. Now Try The Latest Adventure Games For Free. Overall the game has generally favorable reviews. The most popular character was 2B, the most popular villan was Eve, and the most popular voted sound track was “The Weight of the World”.  Now Try The Creative PC Games For Free.

Nier: Automata requires a lot of time and effort to fully experience. Better yet, the Nier: Automata fanbase possesses an almost inhuman ability to not spoil anything no matter what–ultimately leaving you to discover everything about the game for yourself. You’ll see many reviews talking about how the game is emotional, how its soundtrack is beautiful, how its gameplay mechanics are fun, and of course, how hot the androids are. Trust that all these reviews are absolutely true, as Nier: Automata manages to hit a perfect middle ground for just about every necessary aspect in a game.

Now the game does come with some bugs here and there, as well as its invisible walls becoming annoying at times. However, the fact so many people still recommend the game lets you know just how little these flaws impact your overall experience. Personally, I only encountered one or two bugs during my playthrough, and although I did find the invisible walls a bit annoying, I understood that they were for the greater good nevertheless. And overall, the fact this game could draw in horny teenage dudes looking for 2B’s ass yet make them stick around to experience the game itself should be enough testament to how well-made this game truly is.

To whoever happens to be reading this review whilst contemplating whether or not to purchase the game, I hope you’ve found the info I’ve given to be useful in making your choice. Because once you experience this game, you’ll come to realize how important making just a single choice truly is.

Play Nier Replicant first, dive into the lore a bit to figure out what the gestalt project thing is all about, what shades and replicants are, etc. It’s not mandatory but Automata will hit 2.5X freight trains harder than it does without playing Replicant. It will also help you understand the world of Automata a bit better. Then play Automata and bask in the glory of what mankind has achieved within the Nier universe.

Nier Automata Free Download Features:

  • Open Field Maps
  • High Speed Battle Actprotons
  • Beautifully Desolate Open World.
  • Auto Mode available for Beginners.

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64bit versions only)
2 :: Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD A8 6500
3 :: Ram :: 4 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 11
5 :: Graphics:: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 VRAM 2 GB /AMD Radeon R9 270X VRAM A GB
6 :: Space Storage:: 50 GB space

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