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About Prince Of Persia Pc Game Download Free:

Being the very very first major installment in Prince Of Persia download free Video game trilogy, Prince Of Persia 1 is indeed the flagship killer of this game series. The game being set in ancient Persia and follows the ancient events and kings of old Persia, players will have great adventure and fun playing this game. However, the game is very old as it was released on October 3, 1989, which means Prince Of Persia free download will feature only 2D graphics. Players will control Akhi the prince as the main protagonist in Prince Of Persia download free with single direct link. Adventure Games Free Download Latest. Nevertheless, after few updates and patches released for the game, players can also enable 3D graphics for computer systems in Prince Of Persia free download. Now get more full unlocked steam games with World of pc

You can also download Prince Of Persia The Forgotten Sands Here. The series spins off, after Prince Of Persia 3D, as developers decided to re-release the series with completely new storyline. Sands Of Times is the new ongoing video game trilogy for Prince Of Persia games. Respectively, there are four outstanding adventure styled installments in The Sands Of Time video game trilogy. And surprisingly, players can also grab Prince Of Persia free download PC game for multiple platforms, such as Android, IOS and etc. You can also download other similar Adventure Games Here. And conclusively in a nutshell, i would simply say that Prince Of Persia free download PC game is an outstanding interesting adventure game to play.

Prince of Persia (2008) is a reboot of the franchise, deviating from the hit Sands of Time trilogy. Where SoT had an Arabian Nights-esque atmosphere, PoP 2008 has more of a Disney-ish feel. The game holds up pretty well, both visually and gameplay-wise. It has beautiful environments and a nice soundtrack. The back and forth banter between the Prince and Elika is a nice way of exploring the world and story behind it all. The game is more like an interactive adventure, there are no death sequences and no loading screens. It does get a bit repetitive in times, and is probably meant to be played casually in multiple sittings. All-in-all a nice casual gaming experience, with an “interesting” ending.

After ending I was getting crazy also a little bit my heart wanted to Elika gets back but no shame for what i did, that was prince choice anyway. At first I didn’t hope to finish it because it gone to far and weird from series but with each healing grounds Prince and Elika got closer and that keen me to continue. This was the first game that had 2 main characters, each played 50/50 role, Elika chosen of the Ormazed ( Ahura mazda) and prince a random faithless guy who just lost his donkey and expected everything happened by accident but Elika till the end believed Ormazed sent him to stop the Ahriman.

The game delivered funny ,wise and different dialogues, beautiful music, special graphics, new combat system and some new things that didn’t exist before. Yes, some boss fights were repetitive and there were some small bugs but no matter. At the end I hope one day our country Iran and ancient Persia(iran) religion, Zoroastrianism survive from this terrorist Arabs who bring Islam with war to our lands and rule on us , gets free from Islamic republic (actually no republic). I will be glad if steam allow to world hears my words…

I love this game…but hate this version of it. It’s one of the worst ports I’ve experienced in a long while. I thought when it loaded like molasses on my PC which had a 760 and 8 GB of RAM that it was my fault, but now that I’m running a PC with 3080, 32 GB of RAM, and an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, with an SSD now and it still loads just as slow? Pffft. But that isn’t even the worst aspect of the port. It’s how it handles gamepad supports, or more accurately doesn’t. Getting whatever controller you want to use in this game is going to take some serious hassle, and I am not ready to go through that again. Skip this atrocity of a cash-grab port.

Prince Of Persia Pc Game pre-installed:

I very much loved this game. Revisited it like what… 14 years later? I still really wish the epilogue DLC was available for PC in a legit way. The whole game is beautiful. You play as the “prince” in a very different way than any previous game. You’re accompanied by Elika, a magic-wielding girl who pretty much turns the game into a no-fail. While you can’t die or get really hurt, and despite the fact that Elika saves you just in the nick of time, I found it supremely enjoyable. Just the way the game flows and moves and the way the characters interact with each other makes it feel precious. I love the interactions between prince and Elika, a lot and found it to be one of the most endearing things about it. All of that made the ending so powerful.

Unlike the other PoP games, this is super light on combat. Most of the fighting can end very quickly, and the fights are almost all the same format, I still found them enjoyable. They don’t fill the entire game, so when the fights do happen it’s not tired. All in all, it’s definitely very casual. Still wish the DLC was available for PC…

Really disappointed because I love Ubi games typically, but this one was unplayable. My laptop is pretty high end, so that wasn’t the issue here: there were a bunch of controller issues before I even started just in the options menu. I couldn’t use the back button and had to use my keyboard to get out of the menu (which wasn’t that inconvenient, so I didn’t really care) but then there were a bunch of annoying graphical glitches in the opening cutscenes, mainly a line through the middle of the screen. Once the game actually started, both my controller and the keyboard were partially unresponsive and no matter what I did, I couldn’t actually play the game. Super bummed because I was really looking forward to this. Refunded


Prince Of Persia Free Download Features:

  • One Of The Best Adventure Games Storyline
  • Redesigned The Game Into 3D Graphics
  • Reworked Maps And Fighting Moves
  • And Much More You Can Discover
NOTE: This is Prince Of Persia 2008 game not the old 1989. So enjoy the game

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8.1/10
2 :: Processor: Intel Pentium 4/AMD or better
3 :: Ram :: 1 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 09
5 :: Graphics:: Intel HD Graphics
6 :: Space Storage:: 9 GB space

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