Resident Evil 5 PC Game Download Free

6 years ago
Resident Evil 5 PC Game Download

Resident Evil 5 PC Game download free full version with direct download links highly compressed. You can also download Resident Evil 5 game online multiplayer for PC, Mac OS X and for Android APK with complete data files.

About Resident Evil 5 PC Game Download Free:

This is a game of Resident Evil game series, with plentiful mysteries and adventures one will explore by playing the game. Resident Evil 5  free downlad promises to deliver utmost survival game experience and will test ones survival extincts to the fullest. The main protagonist is Chris Redfield along with Shevlo as leading character. The storyline of Resident Evil 5 PC Game Download free Full version is based on the storyline or theme of its movie.This time You can play Resident Evil 5 PC Game Download Free  with single direct link from second person perspective view, however players can change that optproton in game menu. Players can choose a variety of different lethal weapons from their inventory and can also switch weapons in the game. .Now get more full unlocked steam games with World of pc

Moreover, Resident Evil 5 PC Game  free Download is also known as Biohazard 5. Other than weapons, players can also use melee attacks to fight against the opponents. The health system will be greatly improved and revised, players will now regenerate health much more quicker. After progressing in the game and earning money, players can upgrade their weapons with that money in Resident Evil 5 PC Game Download Full Version. The environment or in-game objects of Resident Evil Five PC Game Download Full Version is very important. Players will have to utilise the terrain to accomplish a missproton.

I’m not able to play/launch the game due to Microsoft messing up the software and not wanting to fix it, this has been a problem since 2015! It isn’t just me as well as on the discussion pages many others have the same problem. I then tried solving it by watching YouTube videos and following guides on Steam but that just caused me to have to restore my PC as it corrupted some of my other files. I can’t even refund the game as well as I bought it over two weeks ago, leaving me with an unplayable game. Nobody else has left a review like this as you have to play for more than 5 minutes but the fault in the software doesn’t let you play the game!? I had to keep clicking the launch button until it said I’d played it for 5 minutes (150 clicks) – you’re welcome.

Me and my boyfriend played Resident Evil 5 coop where the first player controls Chris and the second player controls Sheva. We had many fun moments but also many frustrating moments. I was very unsure if I should recommend it to you or not.Let’s start with the positive things. It’s a really good coop action game, one of those where you have to stay together and really cooperate. The game has many environments, cool combat music and great variety of bosses! You and your partner can tease each other with your character’s voice commands. We were shouting at each other a lot and it was very entertaining.

And here comes all the criticism I need to share with you. The Steam PC version of Resident Evil 5 has many bugs and complicated mouse+keyboard controls. I don’t like quick time events very much. But the weird combinations of buttons in RE5 are unbelievable. Sometimes A+D and sometimes F+V with very short time to react to that. I watched some gameplay on consoles and they only had to press one button on their controllers. It’s even more annoying during cutscenes when you sit back, enjoy and don’t expect anything.

Resident Evil 5 PC Game pre-installed:

unpleasant moment is when you find out that you as Sheva won’t get the steam achivement for finishing a chapter if your partner’s game crashes or if you decide to stop playing in the middle of a chapter, save the progress and finish later. Only Chris, the player who host the game, will get it then.It happened to us that an important enemy with a keycard we needed spawned in an inaccessible area, I was locked in a cage and my boyfriend spent quite long time trying to get there while I was waiting and waiting for ages. We tried it again and this time we only saw his shadow on the floor. I tried to use explosives so we got him down from that unknown place this time and luckily it was on the right side.

RE5 Bosses in general can be very annoying. When you are not doing the right thing – shooting the right spots at the right moments , you are basically wasting your ammo and the game won’t give you any more and it won’t make you fail either even when you clearly can’t do it. You just have to decide for yourself to restart from the last checkpoint.. But in case you somehow manage to do it but you already wasted all your ammo before, good luck to you, because you can’t buy ammo directly. However you can buy weapons and sell them so you keep the ammo they had.

Final verdict: Partly recommended! Overall I am very hesitant in case of Resident Evil 5. I am a fan of RE games. I like the coop option of it. But all the bugs are breaking the full enjoyment of it for me. I believe the console version is much better! If you love Resident Evil games and you have the patience to deal with it, go for it! Wait for a sale, please. Don’t pay the full price for something what couldn’t have bugs fixed since 2009.

Resident Evil 5 PC Game Download Features:

  • Improved And Revised Visual Effects
  • Included New Weapons And Artillery
  • Integrated New Game Mode
  • Completely New Storyline
  • Environmental Factors Increased.

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64bit versions only)
2 :: Processor: Intel Core Pentium 4/AMD or better
3 :: Ram :: 2 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 10
5 :: Graphics:: NVIDIA GeForce GT 480/AMD Radeon HD
6 :: Space Storage:: 4 GB space

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